Artwork photography at Dorset Photographic
Artist: © Rod Hague
Photo: Robert Belbin (Dorset Photographic)
Artwork Photography at Dorset Photographic
Artist: © Rod Hague
Photo: Robert Belbin (Dorset Photographic)

More of Rod Hague’s amazing artwork can be seen on his website:

A full-frame digital camera is used to create high resolution images of the original artwork under balanced studio lighting. For ultimate quality all images are shot in RAW format and then processed in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop using a calibrated monitor.

Once we are happy with the image the RAW file is exported to produce a high resolution jpg file at 300 dpi at approximately 16” x 12” in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. If required, we can upscale this to twice the size with no discernible loss of quality.

If preferred, high resolution tiff files can be supplied instead of high resolution jpg files.

At no extra charge, we can also provide lower resolution versions of the image that are optimised for online use i.e. a smaller size at 72 dpi in the sRGB colour space.

Delivery of your Artwork to our Premises

For local artists, especially for larger items, we would recommend contacting us to arrange a convenient day to visit our premises in person to deliver your artwork. Smaller items could be sent by Royal Mail or courier service.

Photography at your Studio

You may find it more convenient for us to come to your premises with our mobile studio setup. There would normally be a small additional fee to cover travelling time and petrol.

Artwork Behind Glass

Artwork framed without glass can usually be photographed without the need to remove the artwork from the frame. However, if glazing is in place, a better result in usually achieved if the glass is removed.

Delivery of Digital Files

WeTransfer is used to transfer the digital files to your device. Your email address is required for us to be able to do this. You do not need to have WeTransfer installed on your device. When you receive an email notification to say your images are ready, just follow the link to download your files.


We work on the basis that you own the copyright of the artwork or have been given permission by the copyright holder to have the artwork reproduced. Dorset Photographic undertakes the work on condition that the customer indemnifies us against any claims that may be made for infringement of copyright.

Prices For Artwork Photography
£25 for the first item, £20 for each additional item.

Both high and low resolution image files are included in the price.

If you would like us to make fine art prints from your digital files then please see the Printing page for information on photographic papers along with prices.